Morning Read, Upstate: Same-Sex Marriage Vote Today, Parker Has His Stipend


Former Health Commissioner Antonia Novello will be indicted today.

Hoping to curb campaign contributions by people doing business with the state pension fund, Tom DiNapoli has turned to the S.E.C.

Danny O'Donnell will push the same-sex marriage bill through the Assembly today; his lobby efforts have included calling one conservative member "the best looking guy in the Assembly."

Malcolm Smith said he has a "significant" amount of votes for the same bill, but not the 32 needed to pass it.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver got behind mayoral control of schools, firmly.

Chancellor Joel Klein said he doesn't want to give an inch on mayoral control, but is open to proposals to give parents more involvement.

After a bailout bill was passed last week, the M.T.A. board voted Monday to raise fares. (A little bit less.)

Three Republican legislators are now calling for an audit of the M.T.A. under the provisions of the bill.

State Senator Kevin Parker has already received his $22,000 leadership stipend.

David Paterson will announce a new economic development initiative with General Electric C.E.O. Jeffrey Immelt today.

Jay Gallagher wonders why we all don't live in North Carolina.

State Senator Jeff Klein wants to expand racinos into casinos.

Representative Scott Murphy officially beat Assemblyman Jim Tedisco by 726 votes.

The State Senate is considering a bill to create an Empire Zone reform commission.

Other measures under consideration include early voting and "no excuse" absentee balloting.

And below, video of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown announcing his re-election bid:

Morning Read, Upstate: Same-Sex Marriage Vote Today, Parker Has His Stipend