Morning Read, Upstate: Spitzer on Pac-Man, The Water Bottle Battle

The renewal of mayoral control of schools depends on Republican members of the State Senate.

"I think that's absolutely necessary," Minority Leader Dean Skelos said.

Bill Thompson recommends New York City's pension fund adopt Andrew Cuomo's code of conduct.

Eliot Spitzer called Inspector General Joseph Fisch a "little Pac-man" and had disparaging words for David Paterson's administration.

Lawmakers agreed they will pass a government consolidation plan pushed by Andrew Cuomo. They agreed on little else when it comes to reducing property taxes.

State Senator Jeff Klein is floating a revised soda tax to fund his own property-tax relief circuit breaker.

Water bottlers sued over the state's expanded bottle law.

The Times asserts there is minimal organized opposition to same-sex marriage.

There's already a roughly $240 million revenue hole in the state budget.

Scott Stringer will not run against Kirsten Gillibrand.

On the day of his re-election announcement, Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi's opponent Edward Mangano blasted Suozzi's tax policies.

Bill Cunningham faces an ethical dilemma in his new post at North Shore / LIJ Hospital.

Assemblyman Gary Pretlow is pushing a constitutional amendment to allow casino gambling.

After a second revision, Representative Eric Massa voted for a housing bill.

Assemblyman David Gantt is sitting on a bill that would ban text messaging while driving.

Yahoo!, getting subsidized power, will move a data center to western New York.

And below, State Senator Jeff Klein talks about his circuit breaker bill:

Morning Read, Upstate: Spitzer on Pac-Man, The Water Bottle Battle