Morning Read, Upstate: The Conditional Republican Ticket, Dueling Marriage Rallies

If Rudy Giuliani doesn't run, lots of Republicans like Erie County Executive Chris Collins as a gubernatorial candidate.

Former representative Rick Lazio is also thinking about running for governor, and this time he isn't waiting to find out if Giuliani wants in.

Carl McCall stepped down from an educational services company that did business with SUNY's Research Foundation.

A firm founded by Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith is bidding for a state contract to provide video lottery terminals.

There were rallies Sunday both for and against same-sex marriage. David Paterson and Michael Bloomberg attended the demonstration in favor of the measure, State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. organized a protest against it.

An assistant principal died of swine flu, and five more schools in Queens were shuttered.

Some black pastors in Buffalo don't like the comparison between the fight for same-sex marriage and the civil rights movement.

Kevin Hardwick, the Buffalo-area radio commentator, announced he is running for a seat in the county legislature.

State Senator Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Bill Colton published the names of the state's biggest tax delinquents.

The Daily News wants only the best to run the M.T.A.

A Working Families Party official called Tom Golisano's decision to leave New York "selfish."

The mayor of Albion, facing criminal charges, will resign in exchange for dismissal.

Red light cameras could be at Long Island intersections before the end of the summer.

North Country legislators are pushing for a circuit breaker to bring tax relief.

Others are pushing for funding to fight the illegal drug trade in the area.

A new state college loan program offers borrowers risky variable rates, critics say.

Here are some factors to consider if voting on school budgets tomorrow.

Chuck Schumer wants to bring a decommissioned space shuttle to Manhattan.

And below, some video clips from the pro-same-sex marriage rally: Morning Read, Upstate: The Conditional Republican Ticket, Dueling Marriage Rallies