Morning Read, Upstate: The Ethics Explosion, A New Gay Marriage Poll

A harsh report cast doubts on how the Commission on Public Integrity investigated the Troopergate matter, prompting David Paterson to call for commissioners and staff to step down.

(They have no intention of doing so.)

One of those commissioners, Loretta Lynch, is favored by Chuck Schumer to become a U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn.

The commission is levying fewer fines than in previous years, an analysis finds.

There are competing bills about how to amend the state's expanded bottle law.

How did Hank Morris drum up business? "I know a lot of people," he once told investors.

David Paterson vetoed a bill that would have strengthened the open meetings law.

Lobbying on same-sex marriage legislation is moving to the State Senate.

A new poll finds New Yorkers are split, 46-46, on whether gay marriage should be legal.

The Times Union thinks lawmakers here should seize the moment.

Some advocates for the disabled sued the state over its failure to disclose records relating to facilities run by the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.

Representative John McHugh complained to Defense Secretary Robert Gates about lacking input on cuts to various weapons programs.

The Assembly released details of member items, which of course favor Democrats.

Chuck Schumer is pushing to make voting easier for overseas military voters.

And below, a slickly produced legislative update featuring State Senator Kevin Parker in which the lawmaker stresses the importance of public education: Morning Read, Upstate: The Ethics Explosion, A New Gay Marriage Poll