Morning Read: Weiner

In an op-ed in The New York Times, Anthony Weiner formally declares he's not running for mayor, writing that his desire to “start a family,” and Michael Bloomberg’s money, contributed to his decision.

Michael Barbaro and David Chen say Weiner seemed “personally stung and deflated” by Bloomberg’s entrance into the race.

The Daily News reports Weiner dropped out after Joe Crowley had a “heart to heart” with him. And because he didn’t get the Queens County endorsement.

Liz Benjamin also sees a connection between Weiner’s timing and the Queens County endorsement of Bill Thompson.

Weiner was leading Thompson in a poll just two weeks ago.

If Weiner’s waiting for a vacancy in 2013, that mean’s he’s banking on Thompson losing this year’s race.

Doug Muzzio, you were right.

What will happen to this Weiner-obsessed site?

Hotline takes note the developments in the race.

New York refers to Weiner as a “pseudo-candidate.”

Contrary to his earlier statements, Weiner actually is walking away from a fight, notes Michael Goldfarb.

A blogger in Texas writes, “I'm not a candidate for mayor of New York City either. But you don't see _me_ announcing my non-candidacy in a New York Times editorial, despite the fact that you and I have exactly the same chance of winning.”

In non-Weiner news: there were protests over the court upholding Proposition 8.

Six people, including two in David Paterson’s administration, are interested in Andrew Cuomo’s job.

One person who lost a case to Sonia Sotomayor described her as “hot.” “I don't mean like Paris Hilton hot, but in the legal sense: fully informed, inquisitive and interested.”

A total of four city residents have died because of swine flu.

Mount Vernon Democrats did not endorse their comptroller for re-election for fear she is not supportive enough of the Democratic mayor there, Clinton Young.

And above is a video of Anthony Weiner and Michael Bloomberg discussing stimulus funding during a recent press conference in Brooklyn. Morning Read: Weiner