Morning Read: Weiner Departs, Newspapers Lament, Levy Prepares (Just in Case)

P1080333 The New York Post criticizes Michael Bloomberg’s exorbitant campaign spending, saying, “it's a pity that the cash has dried up what might well have been a compelling — and, frankly, necessary — conversation about the city's future.”


Larry Littlefield argues that the defeat of congestion pricing, counterintuitively, hurt Anthony Weiner’s mayoral candidacy.

The Daily News editorial board said Anthony Weiner had no message. Neither does Bill Thompson or the local Democratic Party for that matter, the paper said.

Bloomberg said, “If you have a good message, people are going to be responsive. And if you have a bad message or you've done a bad job, and don't offer hope for the future, no amount of money is going to make a difference.”

Liz Benjamin reminds us that Bloomberg still hasn’t agreed to any debates or public forums.

NY1 wants your reaction to Weiner’s withdrawal from the mayor's race.

“Bloomberg's wealth doesn't make it hard to run an issue-oriented campaign. But it does make it hard to run an effective campaign,” writes Bill Ritter.

WNYC’s Arun Venugopal said Weiner “made a real production” out of his withdrawal announcement.

The event ended with some reporters still wanting to ask questions, says Erik Engquist.

Tom Robbins writes, “The real jilted parties here are Democratic Party voters. For them, the beanpole legislator is just one big tease!”

Weiner wasn’t entirely optimistic about Thompson’s prospects for defeating Bloomberg.

Weiner said he helped Bloomberg balance the budget.

Wonkette misses Weiner.

Jason Fink says now we can all fixate on the comptroller’s race.

Readers debate the candidacy of Stephen Levin.

After his club endorsed a not-so-progressive Democrat, the president of a Brooklyn Democratic Club took a leave of absence and won't help that candidate.

Bloomberg likes Sheldon Silver’s plan for mayoral control.

The New York Post editorial board is skeptical of Silver’s move here.

The Working Families Party endorsed Richard Aborn for Manhattan district attorney.

On the radio this morning, Errol Louis said he didn’t think Leslie Crocker Snyder will be endorsed by the New York Times again.

Robert Kennedy Jr. said the bottle bill passed by Albany last month will hurt recycling efforts.

The New York Times editorial board doesn’t think the Port Authority should spend money to help Larry Silverstein develop Ground Zero.

The Suffolk County Democratic Chairman said Steve Levy won’t challenge David Paterson, but wants to get ready in case there’s an opening in Albany.

Nassau Democrats will delay making an endorsement for Roger Corbin’s legislative seat.

Republicans in Yonkers endorsed James Castro-Blanco over incumbent City Councilman Liam McLaughlin, whom Mayor Phil Amicone is not supporting.

The city will pay $2 million to the family of a woman who died in Kings Hospital last year.

There's a new danger for students: peer pressure to hug.

And pictured above is Kirsten Gillibrand fielding questions during an event hosted by DL21C in East Midtown last night.

Morning Read: Weiner Departs, Newspapers Lament, Levy Prepares (Just in Case)