Moron of the Day

The Moron of the Day is Hardwick Township Committeeman James Perry, who threatened to have a Blairstown police officer fired for not dismissing a parking ticket issued earlier this month. Now he faces charges of official misconduct, threatening a public servant, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. If he's convicted of the misconduct charge, under the new state law he will face five years in prison.

According to the Express-Times, Perry showed up at the Blairstown Police Department and demanded to see the officer who ticketed him, Patrolman Kyle Dalrymple. From the Express-Times story:

"After viewing the summons, I returned it to Perry. Perry then continued to yell at me regarding the issuance of the summons, stating that 'I am on the township committee in Hardwick and I don't deserve this ticket.'"

The patrolman said Perry was pointing his right arm at him and "displayed violent and tumultuous behavior."

"This is harassment. I am being harassed. You have a lawsuit pal," Perry told Dalrymple, according to court papers.

Perry allegedly told the patrolman he knew Blairstown officials, including Mayor Richard Mach.

Court records say Perry used expletives and said, "This ticket is not getting paid."

Perry was extremely aggressive and appeared ready to strike the glass partition separating him from the patrolman, according to the allegations.

Perry left police headquarters then returned, court records show.

"I am on the Hardwick Township Committee and you cannot give me a ticket," he allegedly told the patrolman. "I am not paying this. This is ridiculous. Haven't you ever heard of a warning?"

Then Perry allegedly threatened the patrolman, according to the affidavit.

Perry also wins this week's Lois Cuccinello Award. Moron of the Day