Norcross says he’ll likely vote yes on ‘Democrat Socialist Party’ resolution

A Republican National Committee resolution rebranding Democrats as the "Democrat Socialist Party" has the support of at least one of New Jersey's RNC members.

The RNC will meet in a special session to consider the resolution next week, and David Norcross, who has been New Jersey's Republican National Committeeman since 1988, said that he will "more than likely" vote for it.

"Because that is really what the Obama program is; e.g. force out CEOs. Limit or manage execs pay; put government in the driver's seat in health care; invest heavily in financial institutions (then make it difficult or impossible to repay except on the government's terms); put selected industries into bankruptcy and, among other things,tell the company how much the government thinks is appropriate for ads; and raise taxes to pay for whatever the government thinks is best," wrote Norcross in an email to

"That's what socialism is all about. If we are going to make this choice clear to the American people we need to describe it in stark terms. The label is not simplistic but it is accurate and should be a warning signal which is the beginning of educating the American people as to what the choices are."

Norcross also said that he believes government pressure caused Citigroup to change its position on mortgage cram downs and Bank of America to go through with its Merrill Lynch acquisition (both institutions received bailout funds).

"This is chilling stuff for anyone who values free markets," wrote Norcross, a former GOP State Chairman and U.S. Senate candidate who came close to winning a race for Republican National Chairman in 1997.

New Jersey's other RNC member, Virginia Haines, could not immediately be reached.


Norcross says he’ll likely vote yes on ‘Democrat Socialist Party’ resolution