Paterson Defends Shaw, Blasts Senate, Threatens to ‘Illuminate’

ALBANY—David Paterson just, once again, said he was considering Marc Shaw to head the M.T.A. (or "another department") and had harsh words about reports that Shaw would't be confirmed by the State Senate.

"I very much resent that people who I don't even remember being in the meetings have so much comment on the governor's staff and the governor's prospective appointees, and even the entire process," Paterson said at a press conference, where he announced the new head of the Commission on Public Integrity. "I think when people want equity they should come to court with clean hands. And the Senate, on a number of occasions, handed in suggestions that didn't even add up. And I'm talking about the numerical add-up, not the logical aspects of it."

"I really would call on the leader of the Senate to implore, at least publicly, his members, that the governor has the right to make an appointment without deriving antagonism from the process where the appointment hasn't even been made yet," Paterson continued. "And all you're doing is damaging the character and service of a man who has been exemplary serving both parties, serving multiple administrations, serving as a deputy mayor to Mayor Bloomberg, and a chief adviser to myself. And I'm really getting tired of this castigation of personalities out in the public, and if it keeps up maybe I'll illuminate my feelings about some of the people who are commenting from time to time. Did that answer your question, Josh?"

NY1's Josh Robin, who asked the question, told the governor he could "start illuminating now."

"Well, I think I'll have a glass of wine first," Paterson replied.

Austin Shafran, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, sent along this statement:

"Senator Smith believes that our members are independent elected officials wit the right to speak their minds. However, the senator will encourage restraint among members of the conference until the nomination process begins, at which point the members will have the opportunity to fully vet the candidate."

Paterson Defends Shaw, Blasts Senate, Threatens to ‘Illuminate’