Paterson Wants to Remake the Integrity Commission, Starting at the Top

ALBANY—In the wake of an Inspector General’s report alleging that Commission on Public Integrity Executive Director Herbert Teitelbaum compromised its investigation into the Troopergate affair, David Paterson wants to blow the commission up.

At a press conference in Manhattan, Paterson called for the resignation of Teitelbaum, the commission’s counsel and the six members he appoints to its board of directors. Six more members are appointed at the recommendation of other elected leaders; Paterson called on them to ask their designees to step down as well.

“I’m not going to ascribe any criminal intent on the part of any of these officials, but their actions are inexcusable,” Paterson said. “This will give the commission the new and fresh start that it deserves.”

He then named Michael Cherkasky as his pick to serve as chair of the commission board. Cherkasky is currently the C.E.O. of United States Information Services, a company which specializes in background investigations. He was previously the C.E.O. of Marsh and McLennan, and worked closely with Eliot Spitzer at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

Over the years, Cherkasky and his wife Betsy have given over $34,000 to various political figures including Spitzer and Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. He donated $12,000 to the Spitzer-Paterson 2006 electoral bid.

Paterson praised him as the “perfect person and most qualified to restore public confidence” in state government.

Paterson Wants to Remake the Integrity Commission, Starting at the Top