Socialites Invade the Hamptons! Alexandra Richards Hosts Season’s First Big Shindig (Hoodies, Pants Optional)

Montauk, N.Y.—Despite overcast skies and evening temperatures dipping into the lower 60s, Memorial Day weekend marked the first exodus of the season to the Hamptons.

The stores along Main Street in East Hampton were servicing finicky shoppers; the brunch patrons at Surf Lodge on Sunday morning, May 24, recommended chef Sam Talbot‘s “Oh. My. God.” apple pancakes and the “have you tried it?” lobster roll; and there was already talk of heading to impresario Mike Satsky‘s Lily Pond nightclub in East Hampton late night.

“It’s just as I expected—nonstop parties!” said model and DJ Alexandra Richards, daughter of Keith, dressed in a slinky light dress that wasn’t quite yet weather-appropriate. Ms. Richards, who is on the cover of Social Life‘s May issue, was at the magazine’s “celebrate summer” party co-hosted by Sergio Rossi at Sole East, a new roadside hotel in Montauk with stark white rooms and poolside beds.

“I’m personally hoping for some downtime, some beach time, and some barbecues,” Ms. Richards continued. “I spend a lot more time in Southampton, but I am really liking Montauk. It’s so beautiful and quiet, it’s more my vibe right now. But if I wanted to go and do barbecues all day, then I’d go to South- or East Hampton. It just depends on how I feel from the night before!”

Erin Lucas of MTV’s stylized reality show The City was also at the party in a summery pink dress. For Ms. Lucas, who is currently dating Patrick Cabido, a manager at Surf Lodge and also Gold Bar in Soho, this is her second season in the Hamptons.

“I love it out here, except that it’s kind of chilly, no?” Ms. Lucas asked the Daily Transom. “I didn’t pack appropriately so I had to buy a hoodie yesterday at some surf shop.”

Ms. Lucas said she was not planning any late-night club outings. “I don’t understand why people come out here and go to all the clubs in the Hamptons,” she said. “I come here to get away from all that. I’m not the biggest, like,”—here, Ms. Lucas mimicked the sound of thumping bass-driven house music—”unst, unst, kinda girl. I like good jukeboxes and sticky bars.”

Still, Ms. Lucas, who happens to be the daughter of AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams, has been soaking up the attention she’s gotten from being on the show.

“I’m a ham,” she said. “I’m enjoying every minute of it.”

Nearby, the Brazilian jewelry heir Luigi Tadini was meandering around in super-short shorts and a black hoodie to block his beautiful hair from the raindrops that had started to descend.

“I forgot to wear my pants today!” he announced. “It’s really cold. I should have really worn pants, but that’s what we get for dressing up when we’re drunk!” (Mr. Tadini had had a few poolside cocktails earlier at a friend’s house in Southampton.)

“I’ll probably be out here every other weekend,” said Mr. Tadini. “You RSVP to things, but sometimes you go and sometimes you don’t. The Hamptons, in general, it’s really what you make out of it. I do it like Brazil. When summer comes along, you just want to relax with your friends, eat nice grilled food, drink some Jose [Cuervo], and just enjoy.”

Socialites Invade the Hamptons! Alexandra Richards Hosts Season’s First Big Shindig (Hoodies, Pants Optional)