Still No Campaign Finance Filings From Espada

ALBANY—Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith said late Friday that he is "satisfied" with State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. after Espada created a new campaign committee, but there are still no publicly available records on the fund-raising or expenses of Espada's campaign.

"Senator Espada filed a campaign committee, 'New Yorkers for Espada,' made a $1,500 down payment to the State Board of Elections (BOE) toward satisfying previous judgments and has expressed to the State BOE his intent to reach an agreement for repayment and compliance within the next 30 days," Smith said in a statement released late Friday.

Espada Jr., in a concomitant statement, said, "[I]t was always my intent to comply with and resolve these open-ended issues. I thank Majority Leader Smith and his office for their assistance and support on this matter."

There are no reports posted under the new campaign committee, nor under the old committee, "Espada for the People," which was improperly designated as a political action committee.

I called Bob Brehm, at the State Board of Elections, and he confirmed that no updated records have been received.

"When we get a judgment, the court order has two elements: one requesting they file the missing report and the civil penalty for failing to file," he said. "We haven't received any information as far as when we'll get the reports or what that information is. The only thing we got is the check—that we're sending back."

(Brehm said the check was made out to the wrong person.)

He said officials remain in discussion with Espada's campaign.

The senator's lawyer, Daniel Pagano, said the records will be filed "hopefully very soon, I'm going to talk to him and get it done very soon." He has made similar promises before. 

"I'm looking for a safe way to show all the expenses and all the expenditures," he said. "There's really nothing to hide. It's just been a bureaucratic snafu here."

Espada is under investigation by the Bronx district attorney over his residency, and by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo over his nonprofit organization.

Still No Campaign Finance Filings From Espada