Still Waiting For an Actual M.T.A. Bill

ALBANY—Where's the bill?

There was an announcement of an M.T.A. bailout deal last night, but no legislators have seen an actual bill at this point. Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos, leaving a leaders meeting a few moments ago, lamented this fact.

Outside the legislative chambers, I found Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers Campaign and Neysa Pranger of the Regional Plan Association–who have advocated for a full plan and are generally pleased with this one–waiting, saying they haven't seen the bill.

Russianoff said he heard there was a dispute over whether David Paterson would submit a fresh program bill, or whether the bill introduced by State Senate Democrats will be amended.

A vote is still expected today.

Still Waiting For an Actual M.T.A. Bill