Teitelbaum Resigns, Swinging

ALBANY—Admitting he has been a "lightning rod for controversy," Herb Teitelbaum has resigned as executive director of the Commission on Public Integrity, effective June 24.

After a report issued by Inspector General Joseph Fisch alleged that Teitelbaum violated the public-officers law, David Paterson called for Teitelbaum and other commissioners to resign. There was initial resistance, but Teitelbaum submitted his resignation today.

The full letter is below. In it, he takes several shots at Fisch and his report.

"It is hardly humorous when an investigator refuses to allow facts to interfere with his preordained conclusion," Teitelbaum writes. "Far from assisting the Spitzer Administration in any way, I was advocating against its unlawful withholding of evidence in court and in full view of the public. Since this fact, as others, did not support his conclusion, the Inspector General ignored it."

Later, he writes, "Calling something an ‘apparent violation' is just another way of saying ‘I have insufficient proof.' It is reckless, unprofessional and dangerous for the Inspector General to initiate an investigation based on a claim of ‘inappropriate conduct' and to then make a finding of an ‘apparent violation.'"

It's unclear whether, after Teitelbaum's resignation, Paterson will move forward with plans he announced this afternoon to create a new Government Ethics Commission.

Teitelbaum Resignation Letter Teitelbaum Resigns, Swinging