The Return of Authorchick’s Twitter

Sorry I’ve been MIA everyone … a CERTAIN SOMEONE has been keeping me busy!2:24PM May 7 from web @[redacted] I

Sorry I’ve been MIA everyone … a CERTAIN SOMEONE has been keeping me busy!
2:24PM May 7 from web

@[redacted] I can’t say who … Besides he’d kill me if he even knew I mentioned him! Good thing he barely knows what the Internet is.
2:27PM May 7 from web in response to [redacted]

@[redacted] O.K., fine, he’s a novelist. But THAT’S ALL I’M SAYING!!! 🙂
2:28PM May 7 from web in response to [redacted]

But he IS taking me to my favorite restaurant tonight … the one that starts with Per and ends with Se, ha-ha! so if you’re there come say hi.
2:30PM May 7 from web

Promised myself I’d write 1000 words before dinner. Turning on Freedom, and away we go!
2:45PM May 7 from web

@susanorlean Yes!! That’s my schedule exactly!
2:53PM May 7 from web

Okay, now I’m really turning on Freedom.
2:54PM May 7 from web

They should really come up with a way to Freedom-ize your iPhone.
3:14PM May 7 from Tweetie

Didn’t quite make it to 1000, but a good solid 800 words will have to do for today. Now: quick yoga podcast before dinner!
5:35PM May 7 from Tweetie

@[redacted] I’m working on a piece for a women’s mag about how yr life changes when your book becomes a bestseller.
5:41PM May 7 from Tweetie in response to [redacted]

@[redacted] Nope, sorry, can’t say which mag yet!! 🙂
5:43PM May 7 from Tweetie in response to [redacted]

Btw, so glad everything worked out w/the new place—can’t even imagine doing yoga in the LR of the old apt.
6:37PM May 7 from TweetDeck

Not to mention, I’m one of those annoying ppl who totally got a better deal on a Manhattan apt than she was getting in BK.
6:39PM May 7 from TweetDeck

Only sad part (sigh!) is I’m not living right around the corner from @colsonwhitehead anymore 🙁
6:42PM May 7 from TweetDeck

Okay, quick Twitsource! Which dress: J. Crew (ssshh) or vintage Prada? Check out options here:[redacted] 
6:47PM May 7 from web

And the winner is … the J. Crew! Thanks to everyone for playing!
6:59PM May 7 from web

In the car on the way to P— S—. We’re celebrating …
7:32PM May 7 from twhirl

@[redacted] After 3 weeks on the extended list, I FINALLY made the list this week. Still sinking in.
7:38PM May 7 from twhirl

Wow. That was amazing. Even better than I remembered. Sign of the times: couple of empty tables …
11:05PM May 7 from twhirl

What … a … night. (I’ll leave it at that.) On tap for today: bike ride, maybe finally finishing my article?
6:39AM May 8 from web

I am so much more productive before 8am. 470 (Freedom-less) words already!! Love that my guy wakes up early. 🙂
7:48AM May 8 from web

Oh!! Keep forgetting to mention. Doing a benefit reading end of May, more info here: www.[redacted].com. Please come/make a donation/RT!
8:26AM May 8 from web

@[redacted] You’re so sweet. Can’t wait to see you guys! Sorry our drinks kept getting moved around—things have been crazy.
9:12AM May 8 from Tweetie

Help me out here guys: bike ride up to Cloisters, or run across Brooklyn Bridge?
10:03AM May 8 from Tweetie

Bike ride it is!
10:15AM May 8 from Tweetie

Couldn’t resist stopping at Magnolia on my way home … When I’ve lived in the W. Vill for more than 2 months the novelty will wear off.
11:59AM May 8 from Tweetie

Oh, hello, Sarah Jessica Parker and your adorable child.
12:30PM May 8 from Tweetie

Seriously, this neighborhood is turning me into a total FANGIRL.
12:32PM May 8 from Tweetie

OMG. I hate to jinx it, but the recession has been WEIRDLY good to me—first new apt, now ANOTHER assignment from MAJOR mag.
12:59PM May 8 from web

Eeeeee!!!! Dying. Can’t believe this is all happening to ME!
1:07PM May 8 from web

The Return of Authorchick’s Twitter