The Week in DVR: Jon & Kate Plus Hate? Also, Kissing Jessica Stein and Edward Norton Goes Green

Monday: Jon & Kate Plus 8
Schadenfreude alert! The Gosselin family (Jon, Kate and their eight children, including a set of sextuplets) return to television tonight for the fifth season of the hit reality show that bears their name, just in time to make you realize your life isn’t so bad after all. Word is, the current tabloid darlings will address all those reports of martial infidelity and strife. (Jon cheated! Kate cheated! They have an open marriage! They’re already divorced!) Amid all that sleaze however, there are also, y’know, eight innocent children running around looking for parental guidance. For the sake of those cute kids, here’s hoping season six isn’t called Jon and Kate Plus Eight on Alternate Weekends. [TLC, 9 p.m.]

Tuesday: Mental
We can almost hear the pitch for this one: “He’s like House, but less cantankerous and more British!” The “he” is Chris Vance, a British actor you might remember from season two of Prison Break, starring as Dr. Jack Gallagher, the newly appointed psychiatric director at a hospital in Los Angeles. As you might expect, Dr. Gallagher is the type of physician who practices some unconventional methods of care—in the opening minutes of the pilot, he strips naked to corral a patient gone haywire. Mental is such a rote endeavor that it could conceivably make your eyes cross. But, hell,  it’s officially summertime! Being a rote endeavor qualifies it as watchable. [Fox, 9 p.m.]

Wednesday: The Goode Family
Now that King of the Hill has been mercifully canceled, Mike Judge (the overrated mastermind behind Hill, Beavis and Butthead and Office Space) returns to the confines of familial animation with The Goode Family. Think of this of this as King of the Hill gone Blue State: The Goode’s are politically correct environmentalists who have a dog named Che. Yeah, it’s that kind of series. If jokes about Al Gore and vegans are up your alley, this one’s for you. [ABC, 9 p.m.]

Thursday: Kissing Jessica Stein
This is one of the better Woody Allen rip-off New York romances we’ve seen, if only because star Jennifer Westfeldt is so winning as the sexually confused and neurotic lead. That Kissing Jessica Stein rises above the Skinemax-ready premise (pretty single gal decides she wants to be in a relationship … with another girl!) is all due to Ms. Westfeldt’s evenhanded screenplay, which is so good we wonder why a big studio never snatched her up to write a mainstream romantic comedy. Fun fact: Keep an eye out for Ms. Westfeldt’s real-life boyfriend, some dude named Jon Hamm, in a small role as a dinner guest. [IFC, 6:15 p.m.]

Friday: The Incredible Hulk
Twenty years from now, when we look back at the passing fad that was comic-book movies, we’ll stumble upon the fun silliness that was The Incredible Hulk and laugh. What other reaction could there possibly be to a movie—about the Incredible Hulk, mind you—that stars noted thespians like William Hurt, Tim Roth and, in the lead role as the Green Menace, Ed Norton. We can only assume Daniel Day-Lewis was unavailable. [5 Star Max, 9 p.m.]

The Week in DVR: Jon & Kate Plus Hate? Also, Kissing Jessica Stein and Edward Norton Goes Green