Thompson’s Campaign on Deserving an Obama Endorsement

Yesterday, Barack Obama’s spokesman told reporters the president wasn’t going to make an endorsement in the New York mayor's race, then later said he meant only that Obama was not definitely endorsing Michael Bloomberg, who was at the White House for a meeting. So, either way, not great news for Bill Thompson–and further evidence that the mayor is successfully depriving him, or whoever winds up with the nomination, of his party's infrastructure.

But Thompson's campaign isn't accepting the snub quietly, implying that the comptroller deserves the president's support more than Bloomberg does.

“Bill Thompson endorsed Barack Obama and the mayor didn’t,” Thompson’s campaign spokeswoman Anne Fenton told me. “I think that speaks volumes.”

Fenton was speaking in a brief telephone interview this morning.

“Bill Thompson endorsed Barack Obama because he believed in Barack Obama’s policies, and as far as I know, I don’t believe the mayor endorsed Barack Obama,” she said.

Thompson endorsed Hillary Clinton in the primary and Obama in the general. Bloomberg made a show of considering his own bid for president, then ended up not running and not endorsing anyone.

Bloomberg's people have argued that the mayor is in a good position, since he didn't "endorse against" Obama during the primary, unlike nearly every other Democrat in New York, who went with Hillary Clinton.

Since the presidential race, Bloomberg has been a vocal cheerleader for Obama, and Obama has been responded in kind to Bloomberg, prompting Chris Cillizza to wonder if Bloomberg is Obama’s favorite mayor.

Thompson’s Campaign on Deserving an Obama Endorsement