Your favorite May VSLs

1. Great sci-fi flicks are impossible to come by, but Duncan Jones’s perfectly understated Moon (in theaters on 6/12) was your favorite Classic pick of the month. Kevin Spacey, who voices the film’s computer, would have made a great HAL, and Jones (a.k.a. David Bowie’s son, Zowie Bowie) is a surprisingly assured director. But Sam Rockwell’s lonely astronaut steals the show. To read the original e-mail, click here.

2. The month’s most popular VSL:WEB pick: Anna Skladmann’s photographs of the children of Russian oligarchs — none of whom look overly happy with their lot in life. Is it the parenting? Or the prospect of inheriting a dying empire? Either way, their eyes look remarkably blank. To read the original e-mail, click here.

3. Daniel Kish is a real life bat man — a blind psychologist who uses echolocation to orient himself in the world — and his fascinating story was May’s most popular VSL:SCIENCE pick. To read the original e-mail, click here.

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