Weekend in Review: Schneiderman on Taxes, an Incident in Bridgehampton

Above, Eric Schneiderman on Grittv (around the 2:50 mark) talking about why he thinks raising taxes on high-income earners is a good idea.

The Times Union writes that some Democratic—and some Republican—senators are under pressure to vote in favor of the gay marriage bill.

The Democrat & Chronicle doesn't think it's too late for David Paterson.

The M.T.A. gave raises and made hires between March 2008 and March 2009.

In Bridgehampton this weekend, the author of, among other books, The Amazing Mystic Tarot, challenged Rudy Giuliani to a fight.

A blogger at Mustard Street thinks RenSquare just makes sense, and should not be a partisan issue.

The Post suggests labor unions are getting special treatment in Albany because Basil Paterson's law firm represents a lot of them.

The Post also reports, as it has before, that Basil's apartment is rent stabilized.

Jim Dwyer finds a descendant of the Roeblings—the family that built the Brooklyn Bridge—who opposes the DUMBO Dock Street project.

Errol Louis, very optimistically, reports that there is some "buzz among political insiders" that the mayor's race isn't already over.

City Councilman Miguel Martinez sponsored a nonprofit, now under investigation, that was supposed to build a community center in Washington Heights but hasn't, 10 years later. His sister joined the board in 2005.

Unless an exception is made, schools that closed for swine flu could lose state aid.

Queens Crap thinks this is why there was an alleged reluctance to close schools.

Parents opposing the Hebrew Language Charter School "packed" Marty Golden's town hall.

A parent complains that the school, which is planned as part of an existing public school, is the result of mayoral control.

The only elected official who has made the case for gay marriage to Matt Bai, he thinks, is Jesse Ventura.

Here's Helene Cooper on Barack Obama's copious use of straw men.

According to Politico, Michael Steele, who said Friday that Obama was elected because he's black, is winning over his critics in the Republican party. (First link via Ambinder.)

Also this weekend, the R.N.C. put out a video that compares Nancy Pelosi to Pussy Galore. It does not help that, like in the beginning of Goldfinger, a gun site is involved. Weekend in Review: Schneiderman on Taxes, an Incident in Bridgehampton