Weekend in Review: Thompson Questioned, Parker Arrested, Gillibrand Challenged

David Seifman reports rumors that Bill Thompson will drop out of the mayoral race.

The Daily News editorial board thinks it was wrong of David Paterson to make Lee Sander the "fall guy" for the M.T.A.'s problems, because he's not to blame.

A new director has not been named—candidates other than Marc Shaw reportedly include, the former director of the London Underground and the current head of the San Francisco M.T.A.

The M.T.A. meets tomorrow to vote on the new, less drastic fare hikes.

Like Google ads, ads on the side of buses will now be target-marketing to neighborhoods.

Fred Dicker says Steve Israel is going to announce a primary challenge to Kirsten Gillibrand tomorrow.

According to Dan Janison, it will happen, but it won't be tomorrow.

State Senator Kevin Parker is defaulting on his mortgage.

He was also arrested Saturday night after an altercation with a Post photographer.

Malcolm Smith took away Parker's chairmanship of the Environmental Committee.

The whole thing makes Political IV miss Jim Wright again.

There is a huge effort right now to get enough votes in the Senate to pass a gay marriage bill—Democrats are hedging, but Dean Skelos said Republicans should vote however they want.

From the Times: Freddy Ferrer introduced a representative of a company he was consulting for to Tom DiNapoli, and in due time, the firm earned $100,000 in fees for brokering a $10 million investment in the state pension fund.

David Paterson's office is working with NYPA to bring Yahoo to Buffalo.

The list of organizations that support the Superfund-ing of the Gowanus Canal (into which a car drove last night) includes the federal E.P.A. and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Andrew Cuomo is onto heating-oil fraud.

Barack Obama "brought down the house" with "some risky jokes" at the White House Correspondents Dinner. More video here.

Nancy Pelosi went to Iraq.

Joe Biden gave the commencement speech at Syracuse University.

The number of illegal guns seized in the city last year plummeted, notwithstanding the AK-47 that washed up in Gerritsen Beach.

This Paterson-Spitzer S.N.L. skit sounds terrible. Weekend in Review: Thompson Questioned, Parker Arrested, Gillibrand Challenged