Weiner Explains


Anthony Weiner’s non-campaign for mayor is over, officially.

While making reference, again, to Michael Bloomberg’s effectively limitless financial resources, Weiner said his reason for not running for mayor was that he was too busy doing his job in Washington to wage a full-campaign in New York City.

“In the final analysis, I did not see how I can simultaneously do my job in Congress and campaign simultaneously,” Weiner told reporters, standing outside his childhood home in Park Slope this morning.

It’s a safe, survey-tested explanation, and one that’s notably different from what he was saying back in January.

When asked how he was able to run in 2005 while doing his congressional job, Weiner said, “It’s an entirely different environment in Washington today than it was in 2005.”

“For one thing, the economy is in the throes of a recession and the throes of a challenge we haven’t seen in a generation. I have to be honest about this, having President Obama, being in the majority party, having eleven years of seniority, you know, it’s a lot of work when you’re making policy, not simply being on the outside criticizing policy. And that was the crux of my decision,” he said.

Weiner was asked about the reference to wanting to “build a family” in his op-ed. He said he had no announcement on that front. (His companion Huma Abedin was on hand for the event, but did not speak to reporters.)

Later, Weiner spoke about his intentions toward the campaign’s $5,196,560 war chest.

“Obviously, people asked for their money back,” he said, referring to a breakfast meeting he had with contributors. Weiner said he hasn’t worked out the details about how they might get it. Weiner Explains