Weiner on His Future, Before He Dropped Out

Just one day before officially announcing he would not run for mayor, Representative Anthony Weiner was implying that he's not going to be in Congress forever.

At a May 26 rally in opposition to a proposed charter school in Marine Park, Weiner said [around the 2:30 mark] that the school officials should “take this proposal, set it aside,” and, “I committed to working with you, whether I’m in the position of congressman, or who knows, maybe something else, at which point the crowd erupted into applause.

“I will work with you to find a suitable home for this charter school,” Weiner said.

When he officially withdrew from the mayor’s race the next day, Weiner did not rule out a future run for mayor.

The video was shot and posted online by the local blog Education Notes Online.

Weiner on His Future, Before He Dropped Out