W.F.P Makes Lopez a Winner; Spurns Mealy and Gerson

Some more notes on the Working Families Party endorsements that were announced the other day:

It seems like the big winner there is Vito Lopez, the assemblyman and county Democratic chair from Brooklyn. The W.F.P. endorsed two candidates he’s supporting in competitive races.

The first is Stephen Levin, Lopez’s young chief of staff, who is running for the seat being vacated by David Yassky (who is running for comptroller).

The other is Maritza DaVilla, Lopez's co-district leader, who is trying to unseat in incumbent councilwoman Diana Reyna. Reyna has had a falling out with Lopez, for whom she once worked. Reyna has hired Doug Forand of Red Horse Strategies L.L.C. Forand used to be the top strategist for the Democrats in the state senate.

Also noteworthy: the W.F.P. did not endorse incumbents in two notable races.

One of the non-endorsed incumbents is Darlene Mealy of Brooklyn. The party supported in her 2005 race , but she voted to extend term limits, despite their strong objections.

Another incumbent not endorsed by the W.F.P. is Alan Gerson in Lower Manhattan. He’s angered enough people in the district to open the door to several, well-organized challengers. Gerson also voted to extend term limits.

A spokesman for the party said they may endorse in those races later.

W.F.P Makes Lopez a Winner; Spurns Mealy and Gerson