Why Carbonetti Is Giving Up His Job With Rudy

In a brief interview just now, Rudy Giuliani's top political adviser, Tony Carbonetti, confirmed a report in today's Cindy Adams column that he is leaving Giuliani Partners to work for Ken Langone, but insisted that it did not amount in any way to a defection from the Giuliani camp.

"I am always there for Rudy if he decides to run for office," Carbonetti said. "I'm there doing anything I can. I am still an adviser, confidante and friend." And, he added, "He is still weighing his options about whether he will run for governor or not."

Carbonetti said he will serve as a strategic adviser to Langone but the new job will allow him more freedom to pursue other business endeavors, namely a new consulting company he is starting with Chris Henick, a former aide to Karl Rove.

The new firm, which is not yet officially named, will have offices in New York and Washington D.C., and will specialize in helping formally freewheeling hedge funds and investment banks navigate the new environment of expanded government regulation.

Carbonetti says that he will maintain an association (and email address) with Giuliani Partners, though he will not be in a paid position.

Why Carbonetti Is Giving Up His Job With Rudy