Zimmer bonds with Mason

Fourth Ward Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer today happily accepted the endorsement of 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason as she readies for her June 9th mayoral runoff with At-Large Councilman Peter Cammarano.

“I am very pleased,” Zimmer told PolitickerNJ.com. “We have differed on some issues but we share the same goals. We both believe in the overall goal of trying to bring Hoboken together. Beth brings a momentum to my campaign and helps brings the reform/progressive community together.”

Final results out of last Tuesday's first ballot mayor's race showed Zimmer receiving 3,614 votes, followed by Cammaranowith3,402 to bothmake the runoff; followed by Mason with 2,330 votes.

In addition to announcing her support for Zimmer today, Mason said she intends to back her two former running mates who made the runoff (Vincent Addeo and Raul Morales II), in addition to Zimmer running mate Ravi Bhalla.

While Cammarano sized up the situation in the aftermath of Mason’s announcement, the question persists as to whether he and the one running mate of his who made the runoff, Angel Alicea, can ally themselves effectively on a ticket with the Mason-backed Addeo and Morales or simply run as a duo.

Zimmer seized on Cammarano’s apparent dilemma by highlighting the success to this point of her down-ballot slate: Bhalla, Dave Mello and Carol Marsh.

“I’m the only candidate to get my entire ticket into the runoff,” she said.

Zimmer bonds with Mason