A Deal, Finally?

ALBANY—After lawyers representing both sides in the Senate leadership dispute met this morning, elected leaders are meeting with their members at the Capitol and may announce a deal shortly.

I saw Democratic Senators Eric Schneiderman and John Sampson walking into the office of the Democratic leader. Both refused to offer details of an agreement, but said they expected to be able to report something soon.

UPDATE: Sampson and Malcolm Smith just walked into Pedro Espada’s office.

UPDATE: Sampson and Smith just left the closed-door meeting with Dean Skelos and Espada in Espada’s office and said they’re on their way to present a deal to their members.

UPDATE: Espada told reporters there was a “mutual respect” between the two sides, but there was not yet a codified agreement.

Espada said he would go to a 3 p.m. extraordinary session, and other Republicans indicated they would do the same.

Asked who would preside over the session, he said, “We’re not stuck on that anymore.”

A Deal, Finally?