Well, I have finally seen the statement to end all political statements. The following is lifted directly from a document produced by the Senate and Assembly Republicans titled “A Common Sense Plan for a More Affordable New Jersey.” go to "Republicans Unveil Common-Sense Fiscal Reform Plan Restoring Property Tax Relief and Providing Transportation Funding Without Higher Gas Taxes and click the corresponding link.)

Wow, sounds impressive. However, the following is also taken directly from the same document:"Spending that reflects Your Priorities" andRepublicans found $1.3 billion in the budget that can be better spent on behalf of the citizens of the state, and we did it without harm to vital programs.”!

Theymay be twoof the most asinine political comments I have ever read. No wonder Republicans can’t win elections, who is writing this dribble?

If the state is in a multi-billion dollar hole this year, say $2 Billion and another multi-billion dollar hole next year, some say $7 to $9 Billion, then exactly what kind of a solution is the Republican leadership promoting when they say they can spend money better. Isn’t the problem spending in the first place?

Both Alex DeCroce and Tom Kean Jr. need to have their heads examined and we need to do something about the lack of leadership in Trenton. What has happened is the Republicans have been complicit in helping Jon Corzine, Joe Roberts and Dick Cody move their agenda forward.

What happened to the loyal opposition days of Chuck Haytaian and John Dorsey? That was leadership.

In 1992, the legislature went from Democrat control to a veto proof Republican majority in both houses of the legislature under former Governor Jim Florio. Now we have a governor whose numbers are worse than Florio’s and we will not gain control of the Assembly because of this type of totally stupid planning. Heck, the Republicans may actually lose seats.

If New Jersey is in trouble it is because it is spending too much and it is spending beyond its means. That means there is not enough revenue to cover the spending that government is engaging in.

We have the Supreme Court mandating spending. What does the Republican opposition do? Nothing!

We have state worker contracts and pensions that are breaking the bank. Instead of calling for downsizing instead of furloughs, what do we hear from the loyal opposition? Nothing! Silent consent!

We have the Governor attempting to borrow $3.8 billion to continue school construction funding. A couple of years ago, former Senator Leonard Lance sued the state over borrowing without voter approval and won in front of the NJ Supreme Court. Now, with $3.8 billion dollars being borrowed, what does the Republican leadership do? Nothing!

And to top it off, the state is seeking a $2 billion line of credit to make sure it has enough money to maintain key programs later this year.

In the latest sign of the toll the sinking economy is having on state finances, the state Department of Treasury is seeking proposals from banks for a credit line or similar transaction that could be tapped when thenew budgetyear begins July 1. And just What does the Republican leadership do? Do they challenge it? No, they simply say they can spend the money better.

It seems to me that there is no Republican leadership. There are a handful of true Republican members in the Senate and Assembly, but there are pod people in leadership.

If you saw “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, the plot was that as people went to sleep giant seed pods formed bodies of people. When they were totally asleep, the pod person assumed the form of the person who went to sleep, only the pod person was fundamentally a mindless clone who simply thought along a single line and everyone who fell asleep ended up the same way.

Apparently that is what has happened to the Republicans. Pod people are in control of the Republican caucuses.

When they go to sleep they wake up as Democrats. They raise no objection; they blindly follow the agenda that has been laid out by some strange foreign, alien entity and to make matters worse, the best argument they can come up with is “we can spend the money better!”

Is it any wonder the Republicans have been the minority party in New Jersey for 8 years?If there is an outcry from the public over property taxes and government spending, why is it so hard for anyone, least of all Republican leaders to respond with a real solution?

The Republican document goes on to say they would “limit spending increases to the rate of inflation.” Why are they talking about spending increases at all?

Talk about finding ways to cut spending! In 1992, the Republican legislature, of which I was a part, cut $.01 from the sales tax and over $1 Billion dollars from the budget and the sky did not fall in.

We cut taxes, cut spending and balanced the budget. Even if the Republicans are not in the majority, they can doa lot better than just voting no on a budget and simply proposing that they found a way to spend the moneybetter.

No matter how you slice it, spending, no matter how efficient, is not the answer.

Propose logical and efficient cuts and hammer away. Wake up beforeit istoo late or you will have the Republicanswandering in a political desert and at the rate youare goingit may be longer than 40 years. AFRAID TO GOVERN