Albin: ‘I do not seek to legislate’

TRENTON — State Supreme Court Justice Barry Albin just gave an 11 minute opening statement in which he attempted to preempt the conservative buzz phrase “legislating from the bench.”

“As a judge I have tried to be fair, impartial and objective. I have not brought any personal agenda. I have not predisposed or favored one side or another. I have voted for a particular outcome only when I believed that the law compelled the result,” he said.

Albin noted that he does his best to interpret the law under the state constitution to the best of his ability. Even some of the most well-intentioned and well-balanced laws have flaws, he said, but interpreting legislative intent is not the same as making law.

“I can assure you that it is enough to adjudicate the statutes before the court. I do not seek to legislate,” he said. Albin: ‘I do not seek to legislate’