Bloomberg Not Big on Closing Schools for Muslim Holidays

Michael Bloomberg this morning signaled his opposition to closing schools in observance of two Muslim holidays, which was proposed in a resolution that passed a City Council committee on June 18 and is slated to be voted on by the City Council later today.

Bloomberg was asked about it during a press conference at Foley Square where he was speaking about the city getting federal dollars to help fund local district attorneys (more on that shortly).

“One of the problems you have with a diverse city is if you close the schools for every single holiday, there won’t be any school,” Bloomberg said. “And so we have to understand that we’re going to close for those holidays where there is a very large number of kids who practice the particular religion that has the holiday and we’ll try to make accommodations” for others.

Bloomberg went on to say, “We just cannot continue to give days off from school for every single holiday. Educating our kids requires time in the classroom and that’s the most important thing to us, more than anything else.” Bloomberg Not Big on Closing Schools for Muslim Holidays