Bloomberg on the Senate Flip

Michael Bloomberg appeared with Whoopi Goldberg at John Jay College this afternoon for a “Women for Bloomberg” campaign rally. Afterward, he had a question-and-answer session with reporters about the Senate coup in Albany:

“Well, we still have the same agenda we did before.”

[If the city budget is delayed?]

“We would be in uncharted water. I expect to have an on-time budget…have to have reasonable assurances the revenue will be there, and if this were to get held up, and I don’t know whether that is the case, and it’s just a hypothetical, we would not be facing anything that we’ve seen before, and we’ll have to consult with the lawyers. The city is going to go on.”


“I found out about it late this afternoon. One of my people happened to watch it on television and I said like everybody else said, ‘What?’ And I’m still not clear on exactly what’s happened or how it will play out.”

[Is the new leadership more or less amenable to mayoral control?]

“I have no idea. I’ve always thought we would get nonpartisan support
for continuing mayoral control of the schools, and there’s nothing changed…”

“I thought for a long time that the Senate would be there when we needed them, and I don’t think that’s changed.

[Do you still support Senate Republicans, as you did in the last election?]

“Well, I’ve supported some who were helpful to us, and I’ve supported
people of both parties, as you know, in all levels of government.”


“What I care about are results for the city. So, whoever is there for
us, we should be there for them. And if there’s two people doing the
same thing, you have to pick and choose.”

[Could same-sex marriage legislation may have played a role in the takeover?]

“I have absolutely no idea how this came
about or what the discussion were about in Albany. I was as surprised as anybody else.”


“I spoke to the governor a few seconds earlier. He was as floored as I was. He didn’t know any more than i did.”

Bloomberg on the Senate Flip