Bronx Assemblyman: People ‘Not Listening’ to Paterson, Espada Seen as ‘Heroic’

David Paterson blasted the stalemate in the State Senate yesterday as “disgusting.”

But, if you ask Nelson Castro, the Assemblyman whose district overlaps with that of Pedro Epsada Jr., Paterson’s words don’t mean much.

“The people are not listening to what the governor is saying. Politics is local,” said Castro in an interview yesterday afternoon.

Castro, who endorsed Espada’s opponent in last year’s election, said the people in the Bronx neighborhood they both represent are supporting Espada’s move to caucus with Republicans.

“They don’t view it as a negative thing, what he did. They view it as a heroic thing, that it’s about time we get what we deserve.” He said, “I don’t know if Espada and his people have been effective in communicating this.”

According to Castro, people in the district “actually understand it as ‘this is a guy who promised to bring things to the community and he did what he had to do.’”

He said campaigning against Espada next year on the fact that he is caucusing with Republicans won’t work.

“When we were running last year,” said Castro, “they said ‘This guy is a Republican, was a Republican,’ and that didn’t affect the outcome of the election. A lot of stuff came out in the last election about him. I kind of don’t view it as a big issue. From what I hear from people, it’s not.”

Castro said he was not considering a primary challenge against Espada. Bronx Assemblyman: People ‘Not Listening’ to Paterson, Espada Seen as ‘Heroic’