Bruised Bob Weinstein Tries for Beresford Record: Wants $34 M. for Five-Bedroom Duplex [Updated]

Bob Weinstein has had a bad week. Last Friday, news broke that the independent film godhead and his older brother, Harvey, had hired the bankruptcy expert Miller Buckfire to help restructure the Weinstein Company’s finances. By Monday, the omnipotent Hollywood writer Nikki Finke was wondering aloud if the brothers didn’t have the money to release Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Inglorious Basterds.

Now Mr. Weinstein has other concerns. According to two sources, his 6,500-square-foot duplex at the Beresford on Central Park West is quietly being marketed for around $34 million, much more than the $20 million he spent in September 2004. And it’s more than anything in the building has ever sold for: The mega-investor Bill Ackman spent $26 million, a relative pittance, on his new duplex one floor up; Jerry Seinfeld spent just $4.35 million on Isaac Stern’s duplex last decade.

One broker who has seen the apartment complained that it faces south, which means its views of Central Park aren’t ideal. “You do see the park when you’re that high. But, obviously, the coveted view is east.”

And according to old floor plans, most of the duplex’s space is upstairs, where the terraced master bedroom suite has its own gallery, plus a dressing room with two separate walk-in closets. The library next door has a terrace, too. (Upsettingly and terribly, the downstairs library doesn’t.)

The apartment has four more bedrooms; a playroom; a gargantuan coat room; a kitchen (and a kitchen/laundry next to the maid’s room); plus a main hall so long that its divided into north and south sections on the floor plan.

The assumption is that Brown Harris StevensIleen Schoenfeld, the broker who represented the sprawl when it sold five years ago, is handling it now. She did not respond to messages. “It’s being shown,” said Carol Levy, who lives in a six-bedroom Beresford duplex and has been selling apartments there for 17 years. “I’ve seen it, it’s gorgeous,” another broker said. “It’s absolutely pristine.”

Even though his company just sold off commercial space at 375 Greenwich Street, Mr. Weinstein still has some real estate options: He spent $15 million on a 6,580-square-foot West 70th Street brownstone in May; $1.05 million on a one-bedroom West 67th Street co-op a year earlier; and $3 million on a 2,914-square-foot Astor Place condo back in 2005.

And he could always get something else in the Beresford, where his first space was an odd, attic-like tower apartment bought in 2003, when it was listed at $11 million. Mr. Weinstein sold it a year later to Coach’s chief executive Lew Frankfort, his neighbor.

Update, Wednesday 11:50 a.m.: A spokesperson for the Weinsteins said that the Greenwich Street commercial space was sold to an entity of the Weinstein Company. Bruised Bob Weinstein Tries for Beresford Record: Wants $34 M. for Five-Bedroom Duplex [Updated]