Christie: Corzine raises taxes again

Republican gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie, in a statement issued after the State Senate passed the budget along a party line vote, accused Gov. Jon Corzine of failing to manage New Jersey's priorities.

"The result is a budget that raises taxes, cuts spending for programs that matter, and leaves us in greater debt next year instead ofresponsiblyplanning for the future," said Christie."When New Jerseyans are faced with mounting unemployment, billions in new taxes and home foreclosures, it's the job of the governor, not middle class families, to plan for the future, fight for meaningful priorities and make the tough choices."

Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-Morris Plains), the Republican State Chairman, says that the Corzine budget means "higher taxes for a state already crushed by the most terrible tax burden in the country.

"The Governor's budget will raise our taxes by $2.8 billion this year. That tax increase will only destroy more jobs and drive more New Jerseyans out of their homes. No state taxes its way to prosperity – and that is an ironclad principle that Jon Corzine simply will never get," said Webber.

According to Webber, the average family of four in New Jersey has seen a state tax increase of more than $10,000 since 2002.

"A wallop to the wallet by far the worst in the entire nation," Webber said. "And that does not even count the state's record-setting property taxes, which have skyrocketed 54.8% since 2002."

"There is a better way to governor the State. If we cut taxes, reform Trenton's spendthrift ways, and implement common sense regulatory reform, New Jersey can once again be a world-class economic engine," said Webber. "Sadly, it is now more apparent than ever that we will never see relief or return to prosperity with Governor Corzine at the helm." Christie: Corzine raises taxes again