Corzine vs. Christie, tomorrow

New Jerseyans like their Governor more than New Yorkers do. A Quinnipiac University poll released this morning shows David Paterson with an upside-down 28%-61% approval rating — worse than Jon Corzine, who was at 36%-56% earlier this month. Corzine trails Republican Christopher Christie by ten percentage points, while Paterson runs eighteen points behind one possible GOP rival, Rudy Giuliani. (That doesn't matter: Andrew Cuomo has a 3-1 lead against Paterson over Democrats.)

But as other big state Governors look at truly horrible budgets, Corzine looks to be enjoying some relative success. The Democratic Governor appears headed toward legislative approval of his budget tomorrow without much of a fight, and his Supreme Court nominee is poised to win Senate confirmation on Thursday, probably with some Republican votes.

This probably isn't how Republicans viewed June 2009: Corzine getting his budget passed on the day Christie testfies before a House Judiciary subcommittee on federal monitors. Corzine vs. Christie, tomorrow