Cuomo Leaves It to Newsday to Sing His Praises, Except in Private

ALBANY—Andrew Cuomo 2010 sent out a e-mail this afternoon casually noting the passage last night of his much-vaunted government consolidation legislation in the State Senate.

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Andrew Cuomo 2010

Cuomo was, I'm told by someone who was there, considerably more effusive last night at his spring fund-raiser at the Roosevelt Hotel, which was going on as the last state senators were casting their ballots.

"He spoke about the work he's been doing, basically he spoke about the student loans and how students will be in the news. He talked about predators on the internet and what he's done on that, and he spoke about the banking industry," one attendee told me. I asked about government consolidation.

"He spoke about that first," the person recalled, and "how really, if we're going to control spending, that's the way to save taxpayers money."

The $1,000-a-head fundraiser was "well-attended" according to my source, who is a veteran of the political fund-raising circuit.

The event featured Rob Thomas.

The government consolidation legislation now awaits the approval of David Paterson.

Cuomo Leaves It to Newsday to Sing His Praises, Except in Private