David Yassky Is Sad About Dock Street, Optimistic About the 33rd Council Race

City Councilman and comptroller candidate David Yassky seemed to be having a good time at the High Line Park gala at Pier 60 on the evening of June 15, but he turned somewhat solemn when I asked him about Dock Street.

“Oh, what a shame,” Yassky said of the 40-9 vote that overruled his home-district opposition to the 17-story development. “There are only a few things in New York that should be treated as sacrosanct and one of them is the Brooklyn Bridge. Why the city would allow somebody to put a building that will rise 90 feet over the bridge roadway was just a big mistake. I’m sad about it.”

Yassky also weighed in—or didn’t, as the case may be—on the future of his own Council seat, representing the 33rd District. “Democracy at work,” he said. “I love City Council races because it’s a small enough electorate that you really can win by talking to voters directly and it’s thrilling.”

I asked Yassky whether he would endorse anyone in the crowded race for his seat—which, among other match-ups, pits his former chief of staff Evan Thies against Stephen Levin, the former chief of staff of Assemblyman Vito Lopez, who recently endorsed Yassky.

“I know my constituents pretty well—they’re smart, they’ll pick the right person,” Yassky said.

Yassky was in full campaign mode when I asked him if there were any celebrities he was excited to meet at the popular gala. “How about the true celebrities of New York, the teachers doing the unsung work of educating the next generation? If there are any here, I would love to be introduced,” he said.

When a reporter from New York magazine asked Yassky about a rumor that you can see people having sex inside the Standard Hotel from the High Line Park, Yassky thought he was getting Borat-ed (or maybe Bruno-ed).

“Are you really with New York magazine?” he asked

“Yes!” the reporter replied.

“You’re not, like, Sacha Baron Cohen?”


“I just want to make sure,” he said.

Yassky said he had not been up to the High Line since it officially opened and couldn’t weigh in on the sex sightings. David Yassky Is Sad About Dock Street, Optimistic About the 33rd Council Race