Dem Senators Gather, Tensely

John Sampson arrived at 250 Broadway for a meeting of Democratic State Senators about 30 minutes ago, flanked by Bill Perkins of Harlem and Eric Adams of Brooklyn.

Sampson didn’t say much to the reporters gathered out here.

Jeff Klein arrived by car with Diane Savino, and said he wants the Democrats to maintain the majority “on our terms.”

He did not elaborate.

Malcolm Smith arrived more than an hour ago, before most reporters arrived. Smith was on his phone, accompanied by one aide, and gave me a thumbs-up.

Tom Duane was the most recent to arrive. His statement: “I’m for Malcolm Smith.”

UPDATE: Suzi Oppenheimer and Eric Schneiderman just left.

He said, “We’re all together,” and, “There’s no announcement, guys.”

John Sampson, Bill Perkins and Eric Adams emerged shortly afterward.

Sampson said the conference is “united,” but did not elaborate.

He did not answer shouted questions from reporters about whether he is the new Democratic leader.

It does not appear that Hiram Monserrate attended the meeting. Dem Senators Gather, Tensely