Merry Christmas-yes!-from the BBC

Paging Doctor Who fans! Christmas is coming—if a little late. On June 27, the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Next Doctor,” will premiere on BBC America. Why we Yanks weren’t able to see it until now, when our pals across the pond got to watch it during the actual holiday, is still a mystery. But hey, it’s still a gift worth getting!

In the hour-long episode, the darling Doctor (played with spiff and style by David Tennant) lands in Victorian London on Christmas Eve only to encounter a man called … the Doctor. No, it’s not the real next Doctor (that would be 26-year-old Matt Smith, who will take over from Tennant in the fifth season, starting 2010), but rather a man who might or might not be a future regeneration of our pinstriped-suited hero. If it sounds confusing, it’s not, really. And in fact, if you aren’t already a fan, “The Next Doctor” is a stand-alone installment that will introduce you to much of what makes Doctor Who so magical: the sonic screwdriver, the chronic flirting and … Cybermen!

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