Elsewhere: Bloomberg Dominates, Monserrate Explains

Sewell Chan says today’s Quinnipiac poll is similar to the one the New York Times/Cornell/New York 1 News conducted recently.

CNN says the poll is “good news” for Bloomberg.

USA Today says New Yorkers “love” Bloomberg.

Crain’s is more restrained, but they say it’s a blowout.

The Forward reports that Agudath Israel of America wrote a letter to Bloomberg expressing support for Rabbi Leib Glanz, who is accused of giving special treatment to Jewish inmates.

There’s a “cloud of uncertainty” over the city budget, since it hinges on Albany allowing the city to raise taxes, writes Courtney Gross.

Tom Robbins recounts highlights from John Sampson’s career.

Felix Gillette says 5 p.m. news is dead at WNBC. Sorry Sue Simmons. A lifestyle show debuts one day before the New York City primaries.

This blogger says Anthony Weiner will “personally” fix your television.

A Kos diarist “simply can’t trust” Gillibrand’s “change of heart.”

A belated Happy Birthday to Betsy Gotbaum.

Fred Schwarz calls the Albany chaos a “tradition.”

More proof that Twitter is sort of important.

Stu wouldn’t stand for this sort of thing, would he?

One more picture from the Puerto Rican Day Parade: Ray Kelly and Rafael.

And above is Hiram Monserrate during an interview on Fox Five News, whose reporter asked, “How can you accidentally cut someone in the face?” Elsewhere: Bloomberg Dominates, Monserrate Explains