Elsewhere: Bloomberg Optimistic, Senate Chaotic, HuffPo Local

The mayor said again that he's optimistic about the economy, and that he thinks we're "over the worst."

Josh Robbin of NY1 described the scene on the Senate floor as one of “confusion” and “craziness." [no link].

The confusion was over leadership.

Democrats locked themselves in the chamber an hour before session was slated to begin.

Hillary Clinton has not had a high profile since going to the State Department.

Kellyanne Conway says she "knows Jesus" and that Hiram Monserrate "is no Jesus." Tom Dohrety says Monserrate is "more like Judas." Jef Pollock says Democrats could "wait out" the problem, since older Republican senators will retire.

You can text the State Senate (although, I’m not sure who’ll answer).

Daniel Leddy doesn’t think highly of Pedro Espada.

The Daily Voice, “Black America’s daily news source,” writes about “The incredible shrinking David Paterson.”

There could be a walkout at a Queens power plant if there’s no labor deal by Thursday.

Kirsten Gillibrand helps diary farmers.

She also helps herself raise money by talking up George Pataki to her donors.

Bill Thompson criticized Michael Bloomberg over graduation rates for disabled and English Language Learners, calling them “a disgrace.”

EarthTimes covers Bloomberg’s announcement about Climate Week.

Christine Quinn sided with Bloomberg against the New York Times ed board on the World Trade Center negotiations.

CityFile wonders how much Bloomberg pays his dog-walker.

This blogger is taking Bloomberg’s advice about third parties, and wants to find someone who’ll stop same-sex marriage.

On the public advocate budget cuts, the AP notes that some candidates in the race “voted for those cuts in the budget last week or didn't protest them during months of budget talks.”

Joe Lentol wants to create a new agency to prevent buildings from falling down.

Gary Tilzer praises Rafael Alequin-Martinez.

Robert Morgenthau will endorse Cy Vance, officially, finally.

Guests at the NAACP centennial celebration here will get to know DJ Spooky.

Huffington Post now has a New York vertical. Thanks, senators.

And above is video of Michael Bloomerg, and later, Mark Green, discussing funding levels for the public advocate's office. Elsewhere: Bloomberg Optimistic, Senate Chaotic, HuffPo Local