Elsewhere: Graduation Rates, The Courtship of Pedro Espada

Here’s Hillary Clinton, in a sling.

Carolyn Maloney is among the Congress members who sent a letter to Obama asking him to stop investigations into “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” violations.

Tom Golisano may soon be enriching political consultants in Florida, too.

Irene Liu is surprised.

Glenn Thrush writes, “His wallet is his base.”

The story line gets some traction.

A Bloomberg campaign blogger writes, “This is what grassroots campaigning is all about.”

A blogger thinks Bloomberg is funding one side in the Queens Republican civil war.

Julie Bolcer carries news of Bloomberg’s endorsement by the Log Cabin Republicans.

Bill Thompson has LGBT supporters, too, and tries raining on Bloomberg’s parade.

Some LGBT supporters should thank their protesters.

Fun video from NY1: Liz Benjamin asks, “Pork is a substantive issue?” Fred Dicker replies, “Absolutely.”

Could Pedro Espada return to the Democratic caucus?

Edward-Isaac Dovere wonders if New York should just get rid of the State Senate.

A Communist Party member writes, “The real enemy here is the Republican Party/DINO caucus.”

Rory Lancman gets poetic about the chaos.

Andrea Peyser likes Leslie Crocker Snyder.

City graduation rates are up about 4 percent.

Henry Goldman has more data.

That’s nice, but schools are grappling with 5 percent budget cuts next year.

Gotham Schools has more on that here.

This education blogger thinks the graduation rates are bad considering what New York spends on each student.

Sarah Karp wonders if cracking down on discipline problems in public schools makes it harder to boost graduation rates.

Michael Frazier is keeping an eye on swine flu.

And above is video of Tom Golisano, last year, wondering aloud why people even register in political parties anymore. Elsewhere: Graduation Rates, The Courtship of Pedro Espada