Elsewhere: Netroots for Gillibrand, Monserrate’s Day in Albany

Fifteen people have died of swine flu in New York City.

A blog written by a “BDMS Sex Educator and Author” has photos from a Christine Quinn party.

Scott Stringer endorsed Quinn.

A Kos diarist writes “Maloney’s attack that Gillibrand “change[d] her position on so many issues that are important to the country, the city and the state within 24 hours” is simply a lie.”

Chris Bowers writes “someone like Gillibrand is arguably a more useful vote for progressives than a more traditionally liberal Senator would be, as demonstrated by her voting patterns on bailouts.”

Carolyn Maloney “reported a net worth of between $11.5 million and $62 million in 2008, down from between $17 million and $83.6 million in 2007.”

Here’s a funny image accompanying Dan Rivoli’s story about the public advocate candidates.

Commenter Woody Ryder echoes Ed Koch.

Ryan Davis is going to Bloomberg’s LGBT event at Gracie Mansion.

The letter-writers in Our Town weigh in against Carolyn Maloney for Senate, two to one.

A year later, Mitchell Moss’ prediction that we’d all miss Joe Bruno seems to have come true.

Courtney Gross looks at Hiram Monserrate’s voting record in the City Council, and doesn’t much reform there.

The NYT’s Albany photographer talks about braving the scrums.

Bob Conner disagrees with Michael Cherkasky’s disagreement with David Paterson.

Rivoli calls Jose Peralta a “potential” challenger to Hiram Monserrate, and quotes Peralta saying he’s “greatly disappointed” in him.

Monserrate’s current chief of staff can’t say if his boss is with the Democrats or the Republicans.

“It is unfortunate they have decided not to join us,” Monserrate said of other Democratic state senators. He also said, “I am not here to vote today.”

A CBS reporter Tweets about the scene in Albany.

Liz Crowley is not happy Bloomberg came to her district and didn’t mention the Ridgewood Reservoir.

Carolyn McCarthy endorsed Richard Aborn for Manhattan district attorney.

Vito Lopez revives the John Sampson storyline.

The Forward covers Dov Hikind’s complaints about a proposed addition to a Holocaust memorial.

There is at least one newspaper Sheldon Silver likes.

This blogger likes the exposure AM New York gave to Bill Thompson.

In that story, David Birdsell says Thompson’s only option is go negative. Thompson’s campaign manager said, “Come September, the lights will come on.”

A Yassky volunteer endures the rain.

“We made a big boo?boo when we gave the mayor complete unchecked control,” said Assemblyman Nick Perry.

An Obama organizer tries making the case against Tom White.

Betsy Gotbaum has an op-ed talking about the dental needs of poor children.

This blogger thinks Charlie Rangel is wrong to back David Paterson and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Joan Gralla has some news about “wind farms.” Elsewhere: Netroots for Gillibrand, Monserrate’s Day in Albany