Elsewhere: Owning the Espada Story, Koppell’s Christmas Rule, a Bronx Coup

This blogger urges readers to thank Kirsten Gillibrand for working to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell because “she has not always been on board with this.”

Kos readers react to her announcement.

Gillibrand met with Carolyn McCarthy, who is still not ready to endorse her.

Gillibrand announced that the Senate resolved to apologize for slavery.

Wonkette imagines Gillibrand at her college reunion.

Marcia Kramer stakes a claim to the Espada/Mameroneck investigation.

N. Clark Judd may have something to say to that.

NY1 will host a general-election mayoral debate at El Museo Del Barrio in East Harlem.

Bloomberg spokesman Howard Wolfson said the mayor has agreed to debate. [no link]

Here’s the debate schedule.

Julie Bolcer notes Bloomberg’s use of a “creative phrase” to urge the State Senate into action.

Oliver Koppell defends his vote against Muslim holidays, but says kids should get out of school for Christmas.

Koppell and Jeff Dinowitz, both Democrats, orchestrated a failed coup at a Bronx community board.

NY1 reporter Josh Robin said the Senate debate is actually getting more “acrimonious.” [no link]

Liz Crowley cheers that a local fire house was saved from closing.

The Economist wishes the Senate would pass mayoral control.

This report is funny, but not true.

A weekly paper in Seattle has an item about the Manhattan district attorney’s race because Cy Vance lived there for years.

NJ Burkett explains why some inmates kept quiet about the perks a rabbi gave to Jewish inmates.

Advid Quintana wants action on a Forest Park Greenhouse Renovation.

Someone, please, save the smut in Long Island City.

And above is Republican Senator Tom Libous, who said, “We’re half a New York right now because the Democratic caucus won’t show up.” Elsewhere: Owning the Espada Story, Koppell’s Christmas Rule, a Bronx Coup