Elsewhere: Running for Senate

Kirsten Gillibrand's Daily Kos liveblog was fairly well received. She's thinking of moving on to Twitter.

Carolyn Maloney is still threatening to run for Senate, and she won't be persuaded not to do it by the White House B-Team.

Steve Israel may back a challenge to Kirsten Gillibrand. 

Robert Harding asks readers to explain why they support Maloney for Senate (or anyone other than Gillibrand).

The Dock Street Project was approved by the Council Land Use Committee.

Frank Gehry has been replaced on the Atlantic Yards project.

Sonia Sotomayor's judicial questionnaire is here; apparently she did it faster than most.

The Times Ledger has a new political blog.

Michael Bloomberg introduced a documentary in the Hamptons.

An R.P.A. planner has a couple of ideas for breaking up the train bottlenecks in the Northeast Corridor.

"I have 200 volunteers who were my former students,” said City Council candidate Yen Chou.

In a story about Al Vann’s re-election, Black Star News mentions that Sonny Carson renaming incident.

Bernard Kerik, Twitter pioneer

In Cairo, Barack Obama called for a "new beginning" and got a standing ovation

Official reaction in Israel was positive. 

Jeffrey Goldberg says that right-wing Israeli critics of the Obama speech are incredibly wrong.

Intrigue from the DUMBO Neighborhood Alliance: "[T]he DNA is calling on the DOI to initiate an inquiry into the actions of the SCA, the DOE, Two Trees Management, its principals, lobbyists and attorneys in reference to violations, including possible collusion, conflict of interest and potential criminal actions in the matter of the proposed Dock Street development in DUMBO."

  Elsewhere: Running for Senate