Elsewhere: Skelos In, Stone Out

Senate Republicans promise reform, while Sheldon Silver promises to help the Democrats (though not necessarily Malcolm Smith).

New majority leader Dean Skelos said he hasn’t discussed with new president pro tempore Pedro Espada whether they’ll bring same-sex-marriage legislation to a vote. Which is hard to believe.

Bonnie Erbe wonders if Bloomberg is reaching out to female voters because of the lawsuit against his company filed by pregnant employees.

Bloomberg does not agree with Dov Hikind about a memorial in Brooklyn.

One headline from Bloomberg’s private meeting with Oprah, Bill Gates and others: “America’s richest out to limit third world population."

Carolyn Maloney’s opening may be in Brooklyn.

Rupert Murdoch has kind words for Barack Obama: “No, he's not an extremist."

Mary Alice Miller is no fan of Lenora Fulani. 

Yoda says the Democratic takeover of Albany under Denny Farrell proves that state chairmen aren’t all that important.

Jimmy Vielkind’s audio makes one reader happy.

Roger Stone will have no formal role in Randy Credico’s protest race. FYI.

Learn about Hispanic politics in New York this week.

Al Vann’s challengers are campaigning.

A city official reviewing special education programs is leaving his job this month.

The High Line is opening.

The University of Buffalo wants the power to raise its own tuition; other state schools say that's kind of unfair.

Laura Bush had nothing bad to say about Sonia Sotomayor.

A new affordable-housing development in the Bronx is one the first that's "green."

The Economist explains why the Republican Party belongs to Tim Pawlenty.

Terry McAuliffe is now a clear underdog in tomorrow’s Virginia gubernatorial primary.


Bob Smith, who championed the rights of circus elephants and disastrously ran for president as a two-term New Hampshire senator, is now running for Mel Martinez’s Senate seat in Florida.

Representative Jan Schakowsky, who has represented the suburbs north of Chicago in the House since 1998, has decided against seeking Roland Burris' Senate seat next year.

And pictured is John Haggerty and Bloomberg’s entourage screening Bloomberg’s private chat with Independence Party leader Jackie Salit, after yesterday’s event. Elsewhere: Skelos In, Stone Out