Fox News’ ACORN Fixation: A Tale of the Tape

The last time we checked in with Griff Jenkins, Fox News’ talented field humorist, he was gamely wading into waves of angry anarchists outside the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul.

Today, Mr. Jenkins resurfaced on media blogs across the internet. The occasion? Last night, Mr. Jenkins was attempting to interview participants at a gathering of ACORN members in Washington D.C. when a liberal blogger named Adam Green conducted an ambush interview of sorts with the tuxedo-wearing Mr. Jenkins.

For anyone who has watched Fox News in recent months, it should be of little surprise that Mr. Jenkins was on the prowl for footage of ACORN members. After all, ever since last fall, when reports first surfaced that the FBI was investigating the community activist group for possible voter registration fraud, Fox News has relentlessly cranked out stories, updates, and analysis of all things ACORN.

While other news outlets have for the most part moved on, Fox News has dug in.

How much more air time does Fox News devote to ACORN than its competitors? Hard to say precisely. But here are the results of our highly unscientific survey of Nexis transcripts over the past month.

Total number of ACORN references by cable news outlet since May 18.


CNN: 35

Fox News: 362

Fox News’ ACORN Fixation: A Tale of the Tape