Frank Padavan and the Coffee Defense

ALBANY—Here's a signed and sworn affidavit by State Senator Frank Padavan saying it is "absolutely fraudulent" to claim he can be counted present and voting on measures in the still-hobbled State Senate.

Padavan does admit to walking through the chamber, "to obtain a cup of coffee from the member's lounge," but said that "in no way did I take any action to ‘check in,' or to have myself designated as present."

David Paterson said earlier that he believes Padavan and will not sign any bills enacted by the Senate today. But, as someone pointed out to me, what happens in 10 days, when bills passed by the Assembly and now the State Senate become law automatically? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say his affidavit will show up as evidence in some legal action. Just a hunch. Frank Padavan and the Coffee Defense