Giuliani Attacks Paterson on Spending, Leadership

Here’s Rudy Giuliani testing out a campaign message against David Paterson, accusing the governor of implementing the “biggest increase in spending that I can ever recall of any government in Albany, ever, in the middle of a recession.”

Around the two-minute mark, Giuliani says, “One of the things that I think is a disaster for the state is the 9 percent increase in spending that the Legislature and the governor brought about earlier this year. That’s exactly the wrong direction to go.”

He goes on to say, “They could not discipline themselves in any way at all to reduce spending.”

In the past, Paterson has defended the budget by saying the increase in spending is actually due to the state getting federal stimulus funds from Washington. Paterson has said, “Growth of the budget, without the stimulus, is basically flat.”

When asked about the stalemate in the State Senate, Giuliani said it’s symptomatic of the lack of “leadership” in the state.

The interview comes as the Senate fight drags on and continues to make everyone in Albany look very silly. So it’s not as if Giuliani is going out on limb by decrying the state of affairs under Paterson’s leadership.

It is another question entirely whether Giuliani is focusing on the right official. Giuliani Attacks Paterson on Spending, Leadership