Is this the most beautiful place in the world?

As summer gets hotter, the only ice we tend to see are the cubes at the bottom of our drinks. But one flip through photojournalist Nick Cobbing’s artful pictures of breathtakingly beautiful glacial ice, and we promise you’ll never think of frozen water in quite the same way.

Cobbing’s Web site features two “stories” about ice: Surface Tension and Noorderlicht. The former is a photographic exploration of the stunning ice formations within the ice caps and glaciers of Greenland; the latter is the pictorial record of the brave travels of a man named Dutchman Gert, on his 100-year-old, double-masted schooner inside the Arctic Circle. You can choose to view a short or long gallery for either story, but we recommend the full-length version of the ship’s journey: Clicking through the slides, as the aged Noorderlicht is tossed from side to side, you’ll feel like you’ve had your own mini-adventure, without ever leaving the safety of your desk chair.

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