Hey, New Yorkers! Get Your iPhone Apps!

Whether you received your new iPhone 3G S in the mail or waited in a soggy line at the Apple Store or sat in your pajamas and upgraded your software from home, it’s probably time to spruce up your application library, or at least get rid of the iFart you downloaded during some drunken evening.

So, while you’re playing with all those secret software upgrades, here are some suggested downloads for New York’s iPhone beginners (we see you, BlackBerry abandoners!).

Foursquare—The location-based iPhone app that multitasks as a friend-and-fun finder for the city’s savviest weekend (and weekday) warriors. “Check in” at bars, clubs, parks, restaurants and even, um, certain celebrity and socialite homes to unlock badges and become “mayor” of your favorite spot. Your first challenge? Unlock the “bender” badge!

CityTransit—Get all the maps, schedules and service advisories you’ll need to ride the dubious M.T.A. system. A GPS-based “Station Finder” will automatically map out how to get you from one end of Brooklyn to another or from the Upper East Side to the bowels of the Lower East Side. Bus schedules and maps are included, too, for the old-schoolers.

Coovents—Perfect for the overworked (or the laid off!), this app helps you find all the nearest happy hours. Coovents will automatically detect your location and find you a quick brew within walking distance, or you can plan ahead and search by neighborhood and time. Maps and Twitter updates will let your friends know where they can join you.

WiFi Directory—O.K., it’s a little more expensive than other free WiFi detectors, but this one will get you nearby WiFi hot spots that offer FREE service using your current GPS location.

SpotCrime—When you’re walking home alone at night, it might be useful to have an app that will map out where the latest burglaries, thefts and assaults have happened in your immediate area, no? Or, maybe that just makes it scarier! You decide.

Kindle for the iPhone—Get your read on while you’re riding the subway without having to take your hand off the pole and flip the page. You’ll just have to … scroll. Beware, trading paper books for a phone means you won’t be able to show off your hefty copy of 2666 for your morning subway crush. Sad.

SitorSquat—Find any public or public-friendly toilet in the city—seriously. Get lists of not just dirty port-o-potties in parks, but restaurants, libraries and other spots where you can sneak in to use a clean bathroom. You can even add your own secret spot if you’re willing to share. Keep this one on the second page of your app library …

WhiteNoise—This one will also cost you, but when you can’t take the city’s ruckus anymore, the sound of (white noise) silence is priceless. Hey, New Yorkers! Get Your iPhone Apps!